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The Speaker

Change Agent

Candice is a powerful, dynamic and inspiring speaker. As a young woman, she has had an incredible career thus far. Having spoken at: The Global Leadership Summit, The United Nations Femprow Initiative, Leading Universities around the world including but not limited to: New York University, Washington University and Stellenbosch. 

Other noteworthy achievements include: 

  • Starring in acclaimed documentary, It’s A Pleasure to Meet You based on her story of forgiveness and Siyah Mgoduka’s story of choosing not to forgive. It was showcased in France at The Louis Vuitton Foundation
  • Candice was presented with the Human Beacon of Dignity Award at Columbia University presented by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Evelin Lindner for her contribution in the field of forgiveness.



Candice Mama, Tumisho Masha

Radio Host


Ever the entertainer, Candice is a highly talented presenter, radio show host and MC. Currently she delivers her infectiously entertaining show alongside her co-host, entertainment powerhouse Tumisho Masha on Cliffcentral.com


Social Commentator

A passionate writer,  Candice has contributed articles to City Press, The Journalist and frequently blogs about her thoughts on a vast array of social topics, including her humorous life experiences. Get a peek into to the mind of this inspirational young woman on her blog – “My Thoughts

Candice Mama .

Fashion Enthusiast

Brand Ambassador

Being the incredibly multifaceted being she is, Candice also has a love for the fashion industry which she expresses through her work as a model and brand ambassador in the fashion industry