Overcoming The Darkness

Overcoming The Darkness

“I have always been a huge fan of kids, they attract me like an oversized moth to their delightful flame.”

I’ve never taken the time to sit down and ask myself why exactly I’m happier winning over a child’s favour then that of a CEO until the other day.

I like to believe that I’m an optimist – however it would be disingenuous  of me to pretend that every now and again I don’t experience dips whereby I question everything I’m doing and on the really low days everything I am.

Only a fool could think that even within the brightest day that the night would not fall

Truthfully I rarely dwell in the dark for prolonged periods of time – but when I do, I tend to be the only person that can lead myself back into my light. Just the other week, I happened to find myself in a “funk” – reflecting on failures and questioning every life decision I’ve made since I was five ( Yes, the funk will have you highlighting everything you have ever done wrong since your first memory. As silly as it sounds, you’ll be regretting stealing your uncles’ drumstick at a funeral when your were ten thinking that karma is only catching up with you now)

I digress. As I was reflecting, I decided to go sit in a park to feel sorry for myself, it happened to be a perfectly gloomy day outside to match my internal melancholy.  When all of a sudden I heard the most heartfelt laughter behind me. I turned around to be met by the most beautiful laughing face of a four year old boy who came charging past me towards the swings.

In that moment I became captured by the pure joy and reckless abandon I was witnessing. Children have the most majestic and magical energy because they operate with boundless authenticity, they always speak from the heart and bounce back from setbacks within moments. They live with the wisdom that we’ve been told comes with age yet I would say in many cases we lose as we age. The kind of wisdom not gained in books but rather through listening to our own hearts.

Fear is a symptom of not wanting to experience pain. What pain? I would say in my experience the fear of not being good enough, not being worthy of love or dying. In EVERY situation I have been afraid my fear has stemmed from the above three and in every single situation when I addressed the core issue I have triumphed over the fear.

 “Children can teach adults three things: To be happy for no reason, to always be curious and to fight tirelessly for something”- Paulo Coehlo

With Love Always

Candice Mama

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